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Welcome to This site is devoted to all our brethren who go by the name of Jim Wilson. With more neary 100 current members, there are a great many of us out there. So hopefully you'll find that special Jim Wilson you're looking for! The list is chronological - based on the order in which I've met these good folk.

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Here's the country roster tally (3 June 2016):
US 66 / England 15 / Canada 8 / Scotland 3 / Australia 3

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see our most historical entry and our only pro athlete! Our most interesting Jim Wilson is JW00100. Thanks for all your submissions. If you are a Jim Wilson and you'd like to have your email address and/or website linked (or removed), send email to me. JW00001.
June 3, 2016


Jim Wilson
Graphic Designer, Musician, Audio Engineer
Potomac, MD
Father of 2 boys.


Jim Wilson
Recording artist, pianist, composer, MIDI-piano teacher
Los Angeles, CA

Jim has had three recordings hit the Top 20 in BILLBOARD magazine's bestseller charts, composed music for television shows, had two nationally televised PBS-TV specials, and has many top pop and jazz artists appear as guests on his CDs.


Jim Wilson
Keynote Speaker and Seminar Leader
Personal and Business Coach

Chief Energizing Officer
Wilson Motivational Enterprises
Richmond, VA.


Jim Wilson
Master Chef and Producer/Director/Star of, the Internet's premiere video-on-demand weekly cooking show!


Jim Wilson
Sound Designer
Seattle, WA

JW00005 won an Emmy Award for his work on the "Bill Nye the Science Guy" tv show!


Jim Wilson
Aurora Collection Services Ltd
Yellowknife Northwest Territories, Canada
JW00006 was born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1961 before moving to Edmonton Alberta Canada in 1977. He comes from a long line of Jim Wilsons (about 5 or 6 generations) with the lone exception of his father who's name is Ron! Jim now lives in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories which undoubtedly makes him our Northern Most Jim Wilson!


Jim Wilson
Goes by either Jim Wilson or James Wilson (or Jimmy if you talk to people he knew from early childhood). Certified Lotus Notes Specialist from Salt Lake City, but moved to Oklahoma City in 1993.
You will notice that he gets to be "007"!!!


Jim Wilson
Auto Dealer
Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Jim Wilson Chevrolet Buick GMC

Jim has been in the car business for a very long time! His family has been tied to Chevrolet since 1969, and Jim has had his own Chevrolet store in Orillia since 1992.


Jim Wilson
Film Producer/Director/Writer
Hollywood, CA

This is probably our most famous JW. He was a producer with Kevin Costner, graduated from Antioch College and the Berkeley Film Institute. He founded American Twist Productions where he produced and directed numerous short films for such clients as the U.S. Tennis Association, Volvo, and Kodak. His first feature film was directing Stacy's Knights, in which he worked with Blake and Costner for the first time, and he later produced the video feature Laughing Horse (1984) and directed Smart Alec (1986) and Head Above Water (1996). He served as producer on such films as Dances With Wolves, Swing Vote, Mr. Brooks, The Bodyguard, Rapa Nui, Wyatt Earp, The Postman, and Message in a Bottle, along with the television miniseries 500 Nations. He is also a founder of the Los Angeles Directors Workshop.


Jim Wilson
Network Engineer
Minneapolis, MN

Personal info


Jim Wilson
Great, Great Grandson of James Wilson who signed both The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of The United States. See JW000USA below.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"My x-grandfather was James Wilson, the signer, and is buried at Christ Church in Philadelphia. It was a a strange and proud day to stand on his tomb as a youth on a field trip to Philly. My full name is James L Wilson. I go by Jim Wilson. I'm 44. My dad and grandfather, both James L Wilson, are gone in the last 10 years. My son is James F. Wilson, age 12. He will name a son James - he just doesn't know it yet. He is the last direct James Wilson - my grandfather's brother Joe had no sons."


Jim Wilson
Printer and Ford Mustang Restorer
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Personal Info

My dad's name was James Wilson.
I named my first born son James E. Wilson Jr.
And I'm James E. Wilson Sr.


Jim Wilson

From the film collection of the National Film Board of Canada

He is our 3rd Canadian Jim Wilson!


Jim Wilson
Real Estate Broker
Spokane, WA

Jim is an associate broker with Tomlinson Black, the largest real estate firm in the inland northwest.

personal info


Jim Wilson
Independent Real Estate Appraiser
Cincinnati, Ohio
Wilson Appraisal Service

For 55 years I've been known as Jimbo, Jimmy, J.B. or Jim Wilson following in the big footsteps of my dad, Jim 'Zeke" Wilson who passed away in 1995. I have been active in the real estate profession in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1975, with the last 20 years as an appraiser.


Jim Wilson
Certified Psychologist
Louisville, KY



Jim Wilson
Univ. of Georgia



Jim Wilson
Pro Baseball Pitcher
Milwaukee Braves, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox
Right hander

More info


Jim Wilson
Chairman of the Board
Jim Wilson & Associates
Mall Management
Montgomery, Alabama
January 29, 1935 - September 21, 2006



Jim Wilson
Professional Firefighter/Paramedic
Jacksonville, FL


Jim Wilson
Sewing Machine Collector and Web Designer
Southeastern Kentucky



Jim Wilson, AIA
Jim Wilson Architects
McKinney, Texas


Jim Wilson
Minister of Energy, Science and Technology
Ontario, Canada

JW00023 appears to be our highest ranking government official!


Jim Wilson
Clay County Middle School
Clay County, KY



Jim Wilson
Metallurgical Technician
Westfield, NJ

"Humor, Freedom, and Existential Phenomenology"


Jim Wilson

Hello from California. I work for Fedex at Los Angeles airport. My father was a Jim Wilson and my son is Jim Wilson the 3rd. Cool huh?


Jim Wilson
LeCanto, FL

Retired. Former sales executive for Portland Cement Industry.
Birthdate: 10-02-26
Birthplace: Youngstown, OH


Jim Wilson
September 1945 - May 2003

The grandfather of Internet marketing, with 300,000 subscribers to his Gazette Newsletter. Jim built a strong community around his sites and his Forums have more then one million visitors a month!



Jim Wilson
Mechanical Engineer
Jupiter, FL

M.S. in Biomedical Engineering 2004 University of Miami
Played football for the Miami Hurricanes.


Jim Wilson
Richmond, VA

Personal anecdote


Jim Wilson
Manchester, England
Personal info


Jim Wilson
Salesman for BF Goodrich
Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Personal info


Jim Wilson
Network Engineer
Colorado Springs, Colorado
DoB 7/12/1951
Birthplace: Denver, CO


Jim Wilson
Business Owner, Emco.
Hampshire, England
Plymouth Barracuda enthusiast

Personal info

JW00034 is our 6th international member!


Jim Wilson

Owner and president of Wilson & Wilson, PC, CPA, CFE - full service accountants - including Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination.

Personal info

Nashville, Tennessee


Jim Wilson
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Troy NY

I'm a dual major in CS/IT. I'm from Beverly MA, and I was born on 2/26/81.


Jim Wilson
"Mississippi native Jim Wilson, one of our country's most influential gardening experts, died on August 1, 2010 at age 85. The gentlemanly Jim, perhaps best known as longtime host of PBS's Victory Garden, rose from the backwoods of rural Mississippi to become an international gardening superstar. The lifetime honorary member of the National Council of State Garden Clubs was also president (and later Hall of Fame member) of the Garden Writers Association of America. Jim wrote or co-authored 15 books. His warm friendship and his nonstop encouragement will be sorely missed.” Felder Rushing, Clarion-Ledger Correspondent. Full article ($). Here is the cover of one of his (many) garden books. Many are available on Amazon.



Jim Wilson
System Administrator (computer networking)
Mesa Arizona

I'm a James Jr.
Born in 1953.


Jim Wilson Sr.
Retired from the Illinois Central Railroad
LeRoy, Illinois

Jim is a drag race fan, a history buff, a collector of many things and the father of JW00040.


Jim Wilson Jr.
Vintage Record and Collectibles Store Owner
LeRoy, Illinois

Jim is a rock music fan, history buff, and collector of many things. He is the son of JW00039.



Jim Wilson
Mental Health Case Worker
Northern Rivers Area Health Service

Welcome to our first member from Down Under!


Jim Wilson

Jim was born July 19, 1970 in Inglewood, CA and grew up in Hawthorne, CA. He is a third generation Jim Wilson. He is also a composer/musician although he says he can't use the name Jim Wilson when he does music primarily because of JW00009, so he uses James Will. Jim requested to be JW00042 - his favorite number as well as the answer to the mystery of life question in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker trilogy.


Jim Wilson

Thought it was funny when I was searching tonight. I typed in my name and found your site. All I can say is there are many of us out there and most are great in our own way. Carry on the name of Jim Wilson.


Jim Wilson
Advertising, Financial Services
Haverford, PA

I am also from the Philadelphia area (born 1960), but descended from Quaker David Wilson who arrived from Kendall Meeting (northern England) in 1713, and the only Jim Wilson ever in my family. I worked in advertising as a writer and account supervisor until a career change in 2002. I am currently a retirement consultant on the Main Line, but still do photography and writing as a hobby. Good luck with the site!


Jim Wilson
Holland, Michigan

Born and raised in Holland, Michigan, September 24, 1957, he is the son of JW00066 and the father of JW00092.


Jim Wilson
Business Owner
Nixon, TX

I have been Jim Wilson for 61 years!


Jim Wilson
President, Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
birthdate: Jan 2, 1954
birthplace: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

A plea from JW00047 regarding Lyme Disease Root Cause Research


Jim Wilson
Pastor, Author, Conference Speaker
Seaside, CA
Born 8-27-59 in Chester, Montana


Jim Wilson
School Psychologist
Midland, Michigan
dob 12/13/50
Birthplace Monroe, Michigan, the only Michigan port on Lake Erie and boyhood home of General Custer (yes, we have a statue).
I am an avid golfer, which comes in handy as i have my summers off. Thanks for letting me join the club.


Jim Wilson
Webmaster, Father, Pocket money provider!
Essex, United Kingdom
Born 9th February 1971, Norwich, United Kingdom


Jim Wilson
Printer, Real Estate Agent, Designer, Online Entrepreneur
Gallatin, Tennessee
Born July, 1956 in Gallatin
Second generation Jim Wilson (Jr)

Personal Info


Jim Wilson
Chairman and CEO, Wilson Transportation & Leasing Group
Toronto Ontario, Canada

Owner: DeerFields Country Retreat.
Managing Partner: Mule Moms Inc.


Jim Wilson
SQL Database Administrator for Getty Images
Seattle (Fremont), WA

Met JW00005 back in high school. Went to a luncheon hosted by the Kiwanis club. This guy comes up and says 'Hi, I'm Jim Wilson.' So I said 'Hi, so am I.' That's the only time that has ever happened!

Personal note


Jim Wilson

Southern California
Retired Quality Engineer, Rocketdyn for 33 years.


Jim Wilson
Holmfirth, England
(where they film the television series "Last of the Summer Wine")

"Your site has just been highlighted on BBC Radio 2 and I thought it would be fun to register."


Jim Wilson
United Kingdom

I was christened as James Wilson. This is the name on my birth certificate, but i use Jim. Everybody knows me as Jim. I would think that everybody I deal with on a work or social context would not know who James Wilson was - but Jim wilson. They would point to me! All the best yis, jim


Jim Wilson
Glasgow, Scotland
DOB 04/06/1938
Chairman (Ret.) David Brown Corporation, UK
Personal info with notes on Wilson Heraldry


Jim Wilson
Yorkshire, England
DOB 8 June 1947
Managing Director, Polo Public Relations, UK
Broadcast journalist with the BBC for 12 years, covering news for both TV and radio.


Jim Wilson
Gateshead, England (next to Newcastle upon Tyne)
DOB 06/03/1955
Musician, bassist, and singer for The Rhythm Bandits
(aka Whalebone Pete)
Personal Info


Jim Wilson
United Kingdom
British Telecom employee
You’re probably aware by now that the Jim Wilson website has been featured as website of the day on a BBC Radio 2. I work for British Telecom where there are 6 Jim Wilsons on the BT intranet! Jim Wilson Anecdote: We were having an extension built to our house by a builder whose house backs onto mine. We asked him for references of previous work and he took us to a similar job he’d just finished – for a guy called Jim Wilson who lived about a mile away from where we live!


Jim Wilson
Sheffield, England, UK
Wilson Cycles
Cycle Manufacturer
Established in 1948 by James Fredrick Wilson
Personal Info


Jim Wilson
Brentwood, England
Insurance Broker


Jim Wilson
Glasgow, Scotland
General Manager, Gap-group Anniesland Depot
I have just came across your website and was delighted to find one dedicated to jim wilsons, I would be delighted to be included on your website I am currently working as a general manager of a plant hire firm in Glasgow. I have attached a photo. As you can see I run quite a relaxed regime in our depot. It is good to see so many jim wilsons having such high profile jobs in the world.


Jim Wilson
Grand Prairie, TX
Host & Senior Producer of The Morning Show on 90.9 FM, KCBI
I've known about your site for awhile now and just finally got around to sending you an email. I was born James D. Wilson, grew up Jimmy, but have been Jim ever since I was 18. I would love to be added to your page. My website is Let me know what other info you would like. Look forward to hearing back from you.


Jim Wilson
South of England
Car Park Supervisor
Born in Glasgow Scotland. 51 years old. Live in the South of England and work as a car park supervisor. Married to Dolores who is of Irish stock. Hobbies are chess, computers and following Glasgow Celtic Football.


Jim Wilson

Jimmie G. Wilson is the father of JW00045 and the grandfather of JW00092.
Three generations of Jim Wilsons!


Jim Wilson
Plymouth, NH
College Student
I am a fourth generation James Clyde Wilson, but go by Jim. All 4 of us were living up to about 6 years ago but sadly there are just 2 now - my father and me. I am currently attending Plymouth State University in NH and plan to land a job in advertising after graduation (in about a year). I believe my great-great grandfather brought our family over here years ago from Scotland. I actually have an old chest that he brought everything over in, which has been passed down to me. It's pretty wild. Born August 11, 1984, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina


Jimmy Wilson III
Graduate Student
Owasso, Oklahoma
My name is Jimmy Wilson III. My dad's name was Jimmy Wilson Jr and his dad was Jimmy Wilson Sr. I am a graduate student working on my MA English. I live in Owasso, OK and was born on July 20, 1968 in Tulsa, OK. I'm very proud to be a third-generation Jimmy Wilson. I love the name and I'm going to name my son (when I have one) Jimmy Wilson IV. I'll bet there are a lot more of us Jim and Jimmy Wilsons out there!


Jim Wilson
Brecon, Wales
Restaurant Manager
I was born James Robert Wilson, but since age 15 or so everybody knows me as Jim or Jimbo. I was born in Taunton, Somerset, England on the 3rd December 1975 and am the first James in my line, Roberts and Archibalds preceded me. I currently live in Brecon, Wales. I am a gentleman of leisure at the moment, my last job was as a Restaurant Manager. This is when the photo I enclose was taken. Regards, Jimbo


Jim T. Wilson
Overland Park, Kansas
President, The Wood Works Inc
The Wood Works has served the Kansas City Metro area (of Kansas and Missouri) since 1979.


James Hugh Wilson Sr.
Conneaut, Ohio
VP MacDowell-Wellman Co, Cleveland Ohio
Born Sept. 16 1924 in Malden Massachusetts, died Jan 28 1970 (Commuter plane crash into Lake Erie). Tufts University, Medford Mass. Graduated about 1950, Engineering. He was just beginning to realize his dreams as a gentleman farmer.


James Hugh Wilson Jr.
Boston, MA (verification needed)
Antique Automobile Collection Curator
Born March 12, 1945, Dorchester, Massachusetts. Attended Franklin Institute of Boston, Grad 1967, Automotive Technology. Certified car nut and motorcycle fanatic


Jim McFarland
Newtown, CT
Software Developer, Arrochar Software LLC
My name is Jim McFarland, however when I was 5 years old, I used to sneak out the side door and know on our front door. When my mother answered, I would announce that I was "Jimmy Wilson" and that I was there to see if "Jimmy McFarland" was available to come out and play. Born 12/28/1962, Bridgeport, CT. Website


Jim Wilson
Councilman Ward 3, Brook Park, Ohio
Citizen Soldier, Veteran, EMT, Philosopher, Scholar, Athlete, Father

I was born and raised in the wonderful city of Brook Park Ohio. I am a Jr. and I have a son who has become the 3rd. Served 4 years in the Army - 92-96, OK, AK, Japan, Phillipines, Cuba. Came back home and ran for public office. Have proudly served my hometown for 8 years as Councilman. 3 years Active Duty in the Ohio Army National Guard. Married 3 children.


James A. Wilson
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Member, Board of Directors, Community Bank Systems, Inc., DeWitt, NY

Note the clever email address. ;-)


Jim Wilson
Genetic Toxicologist and Managing Director, Born Gifted Ltd
Hampshire, UK

Born 7th August 1972 Haverford west, UK
Glad to be part of the Jim Wilson club!


Jim Wilson
Retired, Sergeant Port of London Authority Police Force
Bexleyheath, Kent, United Kingdom

Born 13 December 1923 in Bermondsey, London, England. One time Secretary, Port of London Authority Police Federation. Currently President, PLA Police Pensioners Association. Trustee, Port of London Authority Police Dependants Trust.


Jim Wilson
Broadcaster and News Editor
East Lancashire, UK
I've been broadcasting for 11 years as news editor/presenter for Fresh Radio UK, covering the North Yorkshire dales, East Lancashire, South Cumbria, South Durham and a small part of West Yorkshire. Prior to setting up Fresh Radio I worked at other local radio stations in the region, and have dabbled in television (I much prefer radio as a broadcast medium). I'm married to Judith, and have a 16 year old stepson called Chris. James Wilson Media.


James E. Wilson, M.D.
Interventional Pain Specialist
Naperville, IL
Dr. Wilson is a Lifetime member of American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP), on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ISIPP), and a member of International Spinal Injection Society (ISIS) and the American Medical Association (AMA). He specializes in Minimally Invasive Spine Intervention and the diagnosis/treatment of patients with chronic pain, occupational and sports related injuries.


Jim Wilson
School Bus Driver, School District #23
Kelowna British Columbia

Born Dec 15, 1959 in Burnaby BC Moved to Kelowna 1978
Retired from the Health Care industry after 28 years


Jim Wilson

I live in Australia and have researched our heritage some. It traces back to the Vikings and of course the Scots. I was a Scot untill I had to become an Ausie to get pension entitelements. I am now retired at 65 and still doing home maintenance, having spent my working life in the building trades.


Jim Wilson
Truck Driver
Stonefort, IL

Born 07/18/1963 in Red Bud IL, I'm married with 3 wonderful children. My daughter is married and studying to become an RN. My older son is 21 and studying to become an english teacher with hopes of moving to Japan. My youngest son is 13 and really fun to be around. My wonderful wife Tracy keeps me in line when I need it (which is all the time). My favorite hobbies are collecting Hot Wheels, anything to do with The Beatles, and learning to play the drums.


Jim Wilson
Vice President of Engineering
Everlasting Valve Co., Inc.
Summit, NJ


Jim Wilson
I am an expatriate Scot, living in Victoria ,Australia, in a small Village, called, Bacchus Marsh. I am now retired, and enjoying it immensely.


Jim Wilson
Electronics Engineer
Fairview Heights, IL
Age 42


Jim Wilson
Wilson Insurance Agency Inc.
Moore, OK


Jim Wilson
Retired CMSgt USAF
Aiken, South Carolina

James Hoover Wilson was born June 14, 1930, Gorgas Army Hospital, Ancon, Canal Zone (Panama City, Panama). Lived in Las Vegas, NV; Oceanside, Ca; Richland,Wa. An ex-wife's former name was Darcia Lavonne Morris Sr. and was a Las Vegas casino dealer. I wonder where she is now?


Jim Wilson
Automotive Training Consultant
Auto Dynamics Ltd.
Olathe, KS

Born 10-09-1951, Harrisburg, AR


Jim Wilson
James Mclaughlin Wilson was born in Memphis TN on April 16, 1981 at Baptist Memorial Hospital around 4:00am. I was named after my mother's brother Jim who died in a motorcycle accident when he was 16 years old before I came to be. His last name was Prillaman and in a bit of irony & tragedy my brother Michael Dee Wilson also died in a motorcycle accident in his mid-twenties, my oldest sister named her first born son James after me. I haven't married so I don't quite know what the future holds but I do know that if I'm to have a son he will be a Michael D. Wilson...maybe I'll have two ;)


Jim Wilson
Long distance truck driver for Jersey Coast Freight Lines
New Jersey
James C. Wilson Sr. passed away in 1981. He is the father of JW00091. He passed away in December 1981. Born in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Had 10 children. One boy and 9 girls.


Jim Wilson
New Jersey
James C. Wilson Jr. is the son of JW00090. He is the oldest of 10. Born in Colts Neck, NJ. Jim had two girls and one boy.


Jim Wilson

Jimmie D. Wilson II was born in 1992 and is the son of JW00045 and the grandson of JW00066.


Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson Motors
1545 South Main Street
Yreka, CA 96097-9513

Ford/Lincoln dealership


Jim Wilson


James Willson
Played Johnnie Smalls in Sandlot 2

"You're killing me Smalls!"


James Evan Wilson
Fictional TV Character on the Fox medical drama House

James Wilson, M.D., is played by Robert Sean Leonard. The character first appears in the show's pilot episode when he introduces a medical case to Dr. Gregory House, the protagonist of the show. Wilson is Dr. House's only true friend, and frequently provides him with consultations and aid. Wilson is the head of the Department of Oncology at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. House describes Wilson as an "emotional vampire".


Jim Wilson
Cadaver (aka Coffin Jockey)

In airline speak, a Jim Wilson is the polite code name for human remains traveling in the cargo hold. A Jim Wilson Air Tray is an air casket. American Airlines Cargo still offers this specialized service:
"American Airlines Cargo Jim Wilson Service® is very serious about the care and sensitivity of transporting departed loved ones to their final resting place. Advance arrangements must be made prior to shipping Human Remains; therefore we have established the Jim Wilson DeskSM." More info


James Wilson signed both The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of The United States.

Read about the great James Wilson. His great grandson is listed above - JW00011.

This info comes from JW00005: James Wilson's chief claim to fame (or lack of it) is that he was the only delegate to favor presidential election by simple majority vote. The concept was a radical departure for the delegates, who felt there should be some separation between the people and their leader, and a compromise (the electoral college) was eventually voted in.


Jim Wilson
Wasillan, Alaska

Still rides motorcycles - harley & motocross crf 450r honda, 4- wheelers,drag boats, & most anything that has a throttle & you can get stupid with.


Jim Wilson
Personal Trainer, Power Plate Acceleration Training
Denver, Colorado

Born in Montreal Canada. 32 years in oil refining business world wide. Former athlete: Canadian football.


Jim Wilson
Viet Nam veteran
Decatur, GA

Retired from US Army.


Jim Wilson
Power Sports business owner
Fort Myers, Florida

Born in Baltimore, Md. Viet Nam veteran. Owns a Power Sports business in Fort Myers Florida.


Jim Wilson
James Edward Wilson


Jim Wilson
Grad Assistant
New Hyde Park, NY
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