Jim Wilson (jw059) aka Whalebone Pete

Gateshead, England (next to Newcastle upon Tyne)
Musician, bassist, and singer for The Rhythm Bandits

Whalebone's work with such legends as Culture Club and Racey have left many music industry pundits in awe. Prior to his ground breaking 80s work, Whalebone taught Scott Gorham barre chords and encouraged Jon Paul Jones to use an upright electric bass on the Leppelin II album. Whalebone has also tasted success as a session musician (just ask Mike Forse) and has a range of TV credits to his name (including the BBC's "Our Friends Up North"), specialising as the hard man in gritty Northern dramas.

Whalebone plays the bass like it was a road drill and sings like a canary on bourbon that smokes 40 a day. A man not to be messed with. Don't let the happy smiling face fool you - this man is a dirty low down s.o.b. with a capacity for cheap beer that knows no bounds.

Whalebone is usually the last Bandit on stage ("one more pint, lads") and the last one off ("I'll do 'Hey Joe' on my own, hic").

Famous as one half of the legendary Duke Buskers Club, Whalebone has a legion of fans and leaves scores of broken hearts behind him.

Enjoys sculpture and fine wines.