Jim Wilson (jw00057)

Today whilst driving in the borders of Scotland I heard of your search for people carrying the name Jim Wilson. I would certainly be interested in meeting up with those registered, particularly those who might wish to know more about their ancestry.

I was born 04/06/1938 in Glasgow, Scotland. Left School at age 15 yrs, served my apprenticeship in the Clyde Shipbuilding Industry. Had a wonderful career in heavy engineering. Ended my career despite no formal qualification as Chairman of the David Brown Corporation in the UK in 1989 best renowned for the DB Aston Martin, Db Tractors, Db Gearing, Naval Propulsion, Mining with 15 manufacturing companies spanning 4 continents.

My hobbies as a self taught genealogist and a researcher of Scottish clan ancestry and names introduced me to the quite remarkable input those named Wilson have had in the developing world. I would welcome a dialogue with any of my brethren who might wish to know more about their ancestry both personal and clan and their views on why our name has such strong ties in pioneering the development of emerging nations. Our history is as army followers providing armoury and farrier services.

Your Clan motto is "not for ourselves alone"

Your Clan home in Scotland is Caithness


The Wilson Name and the Scottish Connection