Jim Wilson (jw061)

Wilson Cycles

Sheffield, England, UK

In remembrance of my father Jim Wilson I would appreciate it if you'd read a few WW2 stories of his that he told me when I was a young lad. Now in my late thirties, I've decided to put them down on paper before they are lost to posterity!

Please visit "True Stories" on the Wilson Cycle website. "Lemonade and Turnips" for example gives some of the exploits of a very courageous Jim Wilson and of how we come to be in a highly regarded business nearly sixty years on.

Although James may be on his birth certificate he was always a JIM (if you know what I mean). I even called him Jim in the shop and through life instead of Dad!

My girlfriend heard about your request on the radio, I find it intriguing and would like to wish you all the best in your venture.

Nigel Wilson

P.S. Always wished I'd have been christened Jim instead of puffy Nigel, then again I had to grow up tough with a name like that!