Hope you like the redesign of the site. I want to make the joining process much simpler. Hence the "join" button. When I get around to it, you'll be able to fill in an electronic form for submission.

The one thing that would improve the appearance of the site the most is for people to submit quality jpegs to me. Some of you have sent very nice photos and I appreciate that. I'll work up a spec sheet soon. If you see a blank spot on your listing, you know I don't have anything to work from.

I'd also like to have a drop down list of all entries at the top of the page for quick access. But that will take a lot of mousework (or pen tablet in my case). Look for this feature to appear at a future date.

This whole website is turning out to be a lot more work than I ever dreamed it would be. So please don't look for updates right away. I'd like to keep my day job. ;-)


A few people have expressed an interest in my idea of having a festival of all the Jim Wilsons of the world. I would love to have it here in the Nations Capital, but it's also been suggested that Philadelphia would be an historical place to hold the gala, since that's where JW000USA hailed from.


As always, if you see something wrong with your bio or link, or would like to contribute something to the site, send email to me.

Thanks and stay tuned.