Accolades & Criticisms

Kudos! You're a real stand-up guy (not that I'd expect anything less from a fellow Jim Wilson!)
You've made super progress with the Jim Wilson's of the world. Keep it up. There are a lot more hiding out there somewhere. Thanks for making "Jim Wilson" an OK Group.
Man! Has THIS site grown! Bless your heart.
I was fascinated to find your site which I must admit was purely by my ego typing my name into a URL to see what would come up.
We'll have our own holiday, down near Independence Hall, make the news. Maybe Dicken's Inn near Head House Square. Yards of beer, darts, kidney pie, and all that.
My Guest Book at said to check out your website, BOY am I glad that I did!!! CQQL!!!!
Let's all get together and go out for lobsters some night, eh?!