Tuesday, April 23, 2002

I am Jim Wilson, attorney, Richmond, VA, 3-5-58, Philadelphia, PA. I think I have to lay some claim to getting this whole thing started. You see, I was introducing myself to a group at a Chamber of Commerce gathering about 5 years ago, when a voice form the back of the room started shouting that I was not the "real" Jim Wilson. As I am sure you know, that was Jim Wilson 00003. Since that day, I have seen the other Jim Wilson alter his name tag and mine at various events to make sure the crowd knows that I am an imposter and that he is the "real" Jim Wilson. He even puts it on his business cards.

So, I guess I am stuck trying to make a "name" for myself in a vast gathering of Jim Wilsons in the world. I am sure at this point in my life that Jim Wilson is one of the most common names in America.

To add even more unusualness to my name, I picked up a call sign when I was flying in the Navy of "Max." My wife has never called me anything but Max and many people I flew with in the Navy never knew my real first name.

Jim Wilson